Welcome to The Mailbox Club Intl’s training website. We trust you came here with a desire to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with children, youth, and adults and to disciple them into spiritual maturity through the Word of God. We can help!


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Steps to the Training program:


  1. Complete the “NEW TRAINEE REGISTRATION” by clicking Here.

  2. View the “BASIC TRAINING VIDEO”; once, twice or more until the process is firmly in your mind!

  3. Take the “BASIC TRAINING EXAM”; complete the questions with 90% or higher score. (A Certificate is Awarded!)
          Note – You can RE-WATCH the training video and RE-TAKE the exam until you qualify for TEACHER CERTIFICATION!

  4. SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of training gives you access to the complete Explorers 1 Course

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Click HERE to view Lesson 1 of Explorers 1

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